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Add:No. 8, North Xinmin Road, Daliuzhuang Village, High-tech Zone, Hengshui City
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          Hengshui yupeng Hose.Co.Ltd is a specialist manufacture of  Various pipes,such as nylon tubes,colophony tubes and solenoid.Its main product is high pressure resin hoses ,middle pressure resin hoses and low pressure resin hoses,it includes nylon tubes,high pressure resin nylon tubes,nylon pipeline always becomes ,fuel nylon pipe line always becomes,nylon colophony tubes,brake tubes solenoid,TPU,PU and nylon soft core,PP stick and the connector for nylon pipes.
         There is a high quality production line in our company,our testing equipment is also of great quality,what is more,the working staff and managers in our company are very experienced and hard wokling.All of our products meet to the requirements of ISO9001 standards.Our products it is widely used in a wide range of areas,including automobile industy,shipbuilding industry,machine tool industy ,chemistry equipment industry and so on.In order to meet the requirement of the market and take the leading palce in the industry,we have developed many new products such as nylon composite pipes.All of these new products are widely acknowledged and accepted for their high quality,to be exact,corrosion resistance,good wearability,high temperature and high pressure resistant.
          Our company is located in Hengshui district,Hebei province.It is very convenient,because the famous Jingjiu railroad,Shide railroad and 106 national highway all pass it.Your satisfaction is our biggest goal.We will try our very best to satisfy the need of our customers,we will keep on improving our production line,modify our service department.We are looking forward to work with friends in this field.We are looking forward for a better future.

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